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The following list is the changes, corrections, and additions to the Atrex package since the most recent major release.

  • ยป = New Feature or Functionality

--- Modifications for 19.04 ---

Build 1

  • Modified serialized editing window to clear the RMAItemGUID field if the RMA number is changed to zero.
  • Starting the "Change Customer" function from within a transaction without selecting a new customer was clearing the in-memory customer information for the transaction.
  • Recurring invoices for customers with special pricing and the "Update to current pricing" option set for the line items were not pulling customer discounts for the resulting invoice items.
  • Plugged a few minor security holes in the handling of access for sales and service reports.
  • SO Customer History, SO Customer Rankings, and SO Product and Customer Sales reports were tied to an incorrect user access settings.
  • Updated Database Engine to 2.31b12.

--- End of 19.04 ---

--- Modifications for 19.03 ---

Build 6

  • Fixed issue resulting in the ItemGUID field of the serialized receiving table being empty.

Build 3

  • Updated Database Engine to 2.31b11.

Build 2

  • Worked around bug in SQL Statement Caching and query sensitivity to allow PO unreceiving after a PO receiving session to operate correctly.
  • Vendor RMA receiving was not properly updating the on-hand quantities for credited items.

Build 1

  • Recurring invoice preview was printing without line item content.
  • Fixed memory leak in customer and inventory export functions.
  • Updated URL links within program to accommodate changes to the millennium software web site structure.
  • Updated Database Engine to 2.31b10.

--- End of 19.03 ---

--- Modifications for 19.02 ---

Build 1

  • Import function was always indicating 1 more row processed than what was actually present in the import source.
  • Modified import function to trim leading and trailing spaces from linked fields (category, mfr, etc...).
  • Modified the open sales order selection window to reduce the number of trips to the server when sales orders have notes or internal notes.
  • Modified Invoice, Order, Quote, SO, PO transaction to batch update the transaction items for improved performance in environments with slow network connections.
  • Changed time server queried on startup to as the server was frequently unresponsive.
  • Shippers were printing in alpha-numeric order regardless of the sort order selected in the company settings.
  • List and Sale price rows were in reversed order on the View Stock Code Information window.
  • Set the close button to be the default selected button on the View Stock Code Information window.
  • Fixed invalid floating point value error when selecting open sales orders for shipping when the first order has no shippable items and the language setting in windows is set to use anything other than a period for the decimal separator.
  • Attempting to create a customer service item from the SO main window with an incomplete date value was throwing an invalid date error message and inserting an invalid date into the data table.
  • Fixed memory leak in sales order merge function.
  • Updated Database Engine to 2.31b9. No user impact and update from 2.31 b7 or b8 is not required.

--- End of 19.02 ---

--- Modifications for 19.01 ---

Build 1

  • Customer AR balance was not being maintained correctly when forcing closed a sales order with un-transfered pre-payment information present.
  • User defined triggers were not being created properly if the trigger contained embedded DDL statements.
  • The order shipping function was not properly populating the shipping amount on the order shipping window.
  • POs were printing in alpha-numeric order regardless of the sort order selected in the company settings.
  • Invoice return item selection window was not handling the close button correctly.
  • Attempting to send an email after manually entering an address without exiting the address field was not saving the email address properly.
  • Email copy and paste functions via Ctrl-C, Ctrl-P from the address fields were being applied to the email body editor instead of the selected field.
  • Image loading function was not "remembering" the recently selected folder, forcing a full navigation to the image folder for each image insertion.
  • Updated Database Engine to 2.31b8 to resolve internal development issue. No user impact and update from 2.31b7 is not required.

--- End of 19.01 ---

--- Modifications for 19.00 ---

Build 41 (Initial Release) - Changes in this section corrections corrections to issues identified after the last build of Atrex 18.

  • Fixed "DataController not in GridMode" error during stock code multi-select
  • Fixed stock code multi-selection to work properly with batch rename/merge/delete with grouping.
  • Load from file function was not setting the sequence number.
  • SO Quote Job windows were not indicating that they were actually associated with a SO Quote.
  • Merging of container item stock codes was pushing the contents of the source code container definition into the target code container definition, potentially duplicating the owned items.
  • Removed the Credit Card Number field as a selectable column from the customer selection window as this field is no longer actually present in the more recent versions of Atrex.
  • Resolved invalid value error in most instances when entering a negative value and entering just the negative sign before the number.
  • Recurring invoice window was using "Extended" for both the extended price and the extended cost column headers. Modified the Extended Cost column header to indicate to properly indicate the contents of the column.
  • Vendor history window was not displaying the grid with alternating row colors.
  • View Vendor Contacts function was not displaying any contacts.
  • Editing bank account entry information during balancing was not updating the the Number and Date columns when the detail window was closed.
  • RMA Edit function was not properly updating the OnRMA quantity when completely removing items from the RMA.
  • Credit card AVS addresses were not being populated when editing cards from the credit card selection window.
  • Fixed field not found error when attempting to filter by customer name on the customer category, salesperson, or price level maintenance windows.
  • Inventory transfer function was not properly handling container numbering for empty containers.
  • Renaming a custom payment type was not properly updating the payment table.
  • Custom payment types were being truncated in-memory to 16 characters.
  • Renaming a stock code after adding it to a PO direct receive causes an endless loop when saving the receiving session.
  • Loading a prebuilt container was causing save / update errors for all container item contents.
  • Create new user function was incorrectly allowing User IDs with trailing spaces.
  • Attempting to receive the same replacement serial number twice on the same Vendor RMA receiving was causing a constraint violation resulting in an endless loop.

--- End of 19.00 ---

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